lown shared 2 months ago

Is there an actively maintained, apt-based, vanilla-as-possible distro out there with rolling release packages, fit for desktop use? Should I just use Ubuntu server and install GNOME myself? I've never had experience with non stable Debian.

Feeling pretty pleased with the new UI I've designed for my little Raspberry Pi-based dashboard.

I made my Pimoroni Inky Frame (Pi Pico W bolted onto a colour e-ink display) into a cute slideshow gallery and control panel for Home Assistant 🥰

Decided to start learning discrete mathematics using this lovely set of lecture notes recommended by https://teachyourselfcs.com/. I've never done maths beyond high school, and while some things the author writes make sense, at other times I feel like I'm clinging on for dear life to a sentence which is presumably patently obvious, like "We know that 2^3 = 8 < 10, and hence 2^99 < 10^33". That took me five goes to work out!

Teach Yourself Computer Science teachyourselfcs.com

Another pro in favour of microblog.pub - it's written in Python, runs in Docker, and stores error messages in the database, so it took me 10 minutes to fix a bug that prevented me from seeing my inbox (and which I caused probably by a misconfigured ActivityPub implementation in Gathio).

I'm really enjoying using microblog.pub to host my own ActivityPub instance. It was really easy to set up; I can see it'll be easy and fun to hack to my whims; it supports all the ActivityPub features I care about; and it's really nice to be able to simply manage my own ActivityPub instance without using something as huge as Mastodon. For single-user instances, this seems like the perfect software. Thanks @[email protected]!

Work on Teen Witch Tactics has stalled; we were working hard to have a demo ready for a mostly self-imposed deadline to show to some investors who had been interested in it, but they're no longer interested in funding video games, apparently. It's a lot of work to shelve, but at the moment it pains me a bit to look at it! And look how cute it got.